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MP3 - The Who live in Washington 1969 - 1CD - November 2 - soundboard

The Who
McDonough Gymnasium, Georgetown University
Washington, DC

1cd / SBD recording

speed correction, channels fixed, volume edits, minor repairs, re-tracked

01. Heaven And Hell
02. I Can't Explain
03. Fortune Teller
04. Tattoo
05. Overture
06. 1921
07. Amazing Journey (incomplete)
08. Sparks
09. Eyesight To The Blind
10. Summertime Blues
11. Shakin' All Over / Spoonful
12. My Generation (medley)

Some of these performances have appeared on other releases, most notably
the definitive '69 SBD's' series by 'Professor Stoned'. Lineage investigations
of these tapes leave me a bit skeptical that the live tracks included on
the 'Higher Education' bootleg all originated from the Georgetown concert.
Nonetheless, a nice collection of great sounding live tracks from the Who's
legendary 1969 Fall US tour.

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MP3 - The Who live in New York 1969 - 1CD - October 22 - soundboard

The Who
"Accept No Substitute"
NY Fillmore East

01. Heaven And Hell (J. Entwistle)
02. I Can't Explain (P. Townshend)
03. Fortune Teller (Neville)
04. Young Man Blues (Ellison) (sic Allison)
05. Overture/It's A Boy
06. 1921
07. Amazing Journey / Sparks
08. Eyesight To The Blind / Miracle Cure
09. Summertime Blues (Cochran / Capehat) (sic Cochran / Capehart)
10. Shakin' All Over (Heath)

Venue: Fillmore East, New York, USA, Wednesday, October 22, 1969

NOTE: The back cover of this CD states "Recorded Live In San Francisco 1969", but according to the authors of The Who Concert File, the PT dialogue contained on this cd is quoted as being from the October 22, 1969 Fillmore East show. (p.94)

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MP3 - The Who live in San Francisco 1969 - 1CD - October 19 - soundboard

The Who
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA
October 19, 1969 - 2nd show

Source: SBD
sound Qual: Excellent
artwork included

Heaven and Hell (fades in)
Can't Explain
It's a Boy
Amazing Journey
The Acid Queen
Summetime Blues
My Generation

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MP3 - The Who live in Amsterdam 1969 - 2CD - September 29 - soundboard

The Who
September 29, 1969
Het Concertgebouw,
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
pre-FM recording

Track Listing:

Disc 1
01. "House announcement"
02. Heaven And Hell
03. I Can't Explain
04. Fortune Teller
05. Tattoo
06. Young Man Blues
07. A Quick One, While He's Away
08. Substitute
09. Happy Jack
10. I'm A Boy
11. Overture
12. It's A Boy
13. 1921
14. Amazing Journey
15. Sparks
16. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)

Disc 2
01. Christmas
02. The Acid Queen
03. Pinball Wizard
04. Do You Think It's Alright?
05. Fiddle About
06. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
07. There's A Doctor
08. Go To The Mirror
09. Smash The Mirror
10. Miracle Cure
11. Sally Simpson
12. I'm Free
13. Tommy's Holiday Camp
14. We're Not Gonna Take It
15. Summertime Blues
16. Shakin' All Over
17. My Generation

Total time: 2h03m27s

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MP3 - The Who live in Oklahoma City 1968 - 1CD - August 24 - remastered

The Who
1968-08-24 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wedgewood Amusement Park Early Show (M?-AUD *DimeTravel remaster*)

>>> VERY FINE up-close(!) stereo audience tape <<<

longliverock "Cry Blue Murder" speed-fix NOW carefully remastered fixing MANY(!) issues & lightly EQ'd *~*

01. --tuning up--
02. Substitute ->
03. I Can't Explain
04. Boris The Spider
05. A Quick One, While He's Away
06. Magic Bus ->
07. Shakin' All Over

Total Time ::: 28:48

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MP3 - The Who live in Saint Charles 1968 - 1CD - August 10

Artist: The Who
Date: 1968-08-10
Location: Saint Charles, IL
Venue: Jaguar Club
Source: Audience
Transferred By: JEMS

Band Members:
Pete Townshend - vocals, guitar
Roger Daltrey - vocals, harmonica
John Entwistle - bass, vocals
Keith Moon - drums, vocals

01. Intro
02. I Can't Explain
03. Fortune Teller
04. Tattoo
05. Heaven And Hell
06. Young Man Blues
07. Daddy Rolling Stone
08. Summertime Blues
09. Magic Bus
10. Boris The Spider
11. A Quick One While He's Away
12. My Generation

Length: 66:05

1st gen from the JEMS vaults. The recording is listenable but primative sounding. It is still probably an upgrade to most circulating copies of this recording as it is and is the 1st time this particular tape has ever been properly digitized in any form (Dec 2010).

"I got this from the guy that taped it after meeting him at a record show in Chicago. Features "Daddy Rolling Stone" and a early long version of Magic Bus most likely featuring a young Bobby Pridden on additional percussion at the beginning with Keith."

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MP3 - The Who live in New York 1968 - 1CD - August 2

The Who
2nd August 1968
New York Rock Festival
Singer Bowl
New York

Source: Unknown Audience Recording.

The Who:

Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend

Track Listing:

01. Heaven And Hell (Cuts In) 03:02
02. I Can't Explain 02:12
03. Summertime Blues 03:43
04. Fortune Teller 02:05
05. Tattoo 02:45
06. A Quick One 09:19
07. Magic Bus 10:00
08. Shakin' All Over 02:45
09. My Generation (Cuts Out) > Announcer 02:47

Total Time: 38:42


A fair to good audience recording. This was recorded during their 2nd US tour. The show
finishes with My Generation, which is sadly cut. An announcer is caught on tape talking about
a "brief intermission", as the pieces of guitar and amp are picked up!

There is some tape wear present on this recording and some source cuts too.

The Doors shared the same bill. Pete Townshend is inspired by Jim Morrison to write Sally
Simpson; "The Doors had become meteoric and Jim Morrison's Christ picture is all over f**king
New York".

Magic Bus was released as a single a few days before this gig in the US.

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