woensdag 7 maart 2018

FLAC - The Who live at Bridge School Benefit 1999 - 1CD - October 30 - soundboard

The Who
Shoreline Amphitheatre,
Mountain View,
California, USA

CD Title: Acoustic Glory
Label: Rattle Snake RS017

lineage: Silver CD -> WAV (EAC) -> FLAC

Thanks to Sharkey for providing the FLAC files.
EAC logs included.
added artwork (low res), fingerprints and this info.

1. Substitute
2. I Can't Explain
3. Pinball Wizard
4. Behind Blue Eyes
5. Tattoo
6. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands
7. Boris The Spider
8. Who Are You
9. I Walk The Line / Ring Of Fire
10. Won't Get Fooled Again

Bonus Tracks 1999-10-31

11. The Kids Are Alright
12. I Shall Be Released (show finale with everyone on stage)

Total Length: 59:45 Mins

Download this bootleg here

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