woensdag 7 maart 2018

FLAC - The Who live in Dallas 2015 - 3CD - May 2 - including soundcheck

The Who
American Airlines Center
Dallas TX
May 2 2015

Source: SP-CMC-08s Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 24bit 48htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to resample to 16 Bit /441>
traders little helper flac level 7

Taper: whotapes
Section 11 row F (dead center)

01 Intro
02 I Can't Explain
03 The Seeker
04 Who Are You
05 The Kids Are Alright
06 Squeeze Box
07 I Can See for Miles
08 My Generation
09 Magic Bus
10 Behind Blue Eyes
11 Bargain
12 Join Together
13 You Better You Bet
14 I'm One
15 Love, Reign O'er Me
16 Eminence Front
17 A Quick One (While He's Away)
18 Amazing Journey
19 Sparks
20 Pinball Wizard
22 See Me, Feel Me
23 Baba O'Riley
24 Won't Get Fooled Again

A great end to my 6 Who shows from this tour. The dropped Pictures of Lily and reinstated The Kids Are Alright.
I really enjoyed Bargain tonight, I thought Daltrey sung it well. Pete seemed to get upset with Zak at one point
during a Quick One and Daltrey had issues with his monitor during Amazing Journey so there was a little jam while it was being changed out.

Sound Check

01 Setting Up
02 Who Are You
03 Talking
04 I Can See For Miles
05 Talking 2
06 I Can See Miles 2
07 More Talking
08 I'm One
09 Talk
10 Eminence Front
11 Talking
12 You Better You Bet
13 Talk about backing tapes
14 Rogers Harmonica check
15 Thanks for Supporting

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