woensdag 7 maart 2018

FLAC - The Who live in Glasgow 2014 - 2CD - November 30

The Who
The Hydro
30th November 2014

01. Intoduction
02. I Can't Explain
03. Substitute
04. The Kids Are Alright
05. I Can See For Miles
06. Who Are You
07. Talk
08. LOng Live Rock
09. A Quick One
10. Slip Kid
11. Join Together
12. Behind Blue Eyes
13. The seeker
14. 5:15
15. Bell Boy (edit)
16. Bell Boy

17. Love Reign O'er Me
18. Eminence Front
19. Cry If You Want
20. Amazing Journey
21. Sparks
22. Pinball Wizard
23. See Me Feel Me - Listening To You
24. Talk
25. Magic Bus
26. Baba O'Riley
27. Won't Get Fooled Again
28. Naked Eye

Recorded from front of Block 057 - Slightly raised from floor level

Recorded using ZOOM H2 - Memory Card - PC - Adobe - Audacity - TLH

Once on my PC I put the raw file through Adobe Audition to tweak the sound slightly

I then tracked using Audacity before converting to FLAC using TLH.

There are a few drops in the high frequencies which I asssume were a result of me taking some pics!

For A CD split I suggest CD2 to start with track 17....not the best place but it means the full set can fit on 2 CDs

Download this bootleg here

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