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MP3 - Pete Townshend live in New York 1993 - 2CD - 3 different shows

Pete Townshend

13th July 1993

Beacon Theatre

New York City, N.Y.

Source: Silver Italian bootleg “Rough Boy” (WNS-668) (Audience recording)

Track listing:

01- Rough Boys
02- Eyesight To The Blind
03- I Am An Animal
04- Eminence Front
05- You Better You Bet
06- A Little Is Enough
07- Heart To Hang On To
08- Let’s See Action
09- Let My Love Open The Door
10- Face The Face
11- I’m One
12- Save It For Later
13- Won’t Get Fooled Again

Original Artwork included.

Bonus cd:

Pete Townshend

12 th July and 7th August 1993

Beacon Theatre and Brooklyn Academy Of Music (BAM)

New York City, N.Y.

Source: Silver Italian bootleg “U.S.A. 1993” (Live Storm, 1994; LSCD 52551/1-2)

Track listing:

01- Heart To Hang On To
02- A Quick One While He’s Away
(Very good audience recording)

03- North Country Girl
04- Goodnight Irene
05- Save It For Later
(Excellent soundboard recording)

Original cover artwork included.



Pete Townshend: guitars, vocals
John 'Rabbit' Bundrick: keyboards
Peter Hope Evans: harmonica
Phil Palmer: guitar
Andy Fairweather Low: guitar and vocals
Pino Palladino: bass
Simon Phillips: drums
Billy Nichols, Katie Kissoon: backing vocals

All songs by Pete Townshend except North Country Girl and Goodnight Irene,
traditionals arranged by Pete Townshend; and Save It For Later, by Dave Wakeling and The English Beat.

This is a very good audience recording of Pete’s second show at the Beacon Theatre in New York, during his Psychoderelict tour. Unfortunately, it is not complete: according to The Who Concert Guide: The Who live 1962 - 2017 , tracks 01-04 are the introductory songs (the initial Cobwebs And Strange is missing), tracks 05-13 are the encores; therefore the whole of Psychoderelict –half of the show- is omitted.

On track 12 Pete invites on stage to accompany him Michael Cerveris and Christian Hoff from the original cast of the Broadway production of Tommy, which happened to be present in the audience.

I wanted to include a few bonus tracks, but they wouldn’t fit into a single cd, so I decided to add a bonus disc with five songs excerpted from a different silver cd bootleg, rather than creating a separate torrent with bits and pieces and only 30 minutes long.

“U.S.A. 1993” is an Italian boot which comprises, nearly complete, Pete’s show at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music on August 7th 1993 (plus two bonus tracks from the first show at the Beacon Theatre on July 12th.) This concert has been officially released on double cd as BAM 1993 in Pete’s signature series of live recordings, and on dvd as Psychoderelict Live in New York by Universal. Both are available from Pete’s commercial site Eel Pie Online Store: Now closed. By reasons unknown, however, these regular releases omit three songs, which are featured on the silver boot.

Therefore, tracks 03-05 of the present bonus disc (=tracks 07, 10-11 of disc two of the original boot) are the “missing songs” from Pete’s show at the BAM in New York. Particularly interesting are Pete’s guitar impromptus before introducing an extraordinary full-band version of Save It For Later. This is an excellent soundboard recording, perhaps a copy of the same master used for the official release. North Country Girl was the first encore; Goodnight Irene and Save It For Later followed You Better You Bet and preceded Face The Face.

Tracks 01 and 02 of the present bonus disc (=disc 2 tracks 13-14 of the original silver cd) are added as bonus tracks on the “U.S.A. 1993” boot, perhaps to make up for the omission of the two final numbers from the BAM show –which do appear in the regular releases: Won’t Get Fooled Again and Magic Bus. They are taken from a very good audience tape of Pete’s first night at the Beacon Theatre, on July the 12th.

Download this bootleg here

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