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MP3 - The Who live in Copenhagen 1972 - 2CD - August 21 & 25

The Who
K.B. Hallen
August 21 & 25, 1972
Copenhagen, DK
Sound Quality: 4 (Out Of 6)/Vg++

Disc 1 August 21st
1. I Can’t Explain
2. Summertime Blues
3. My Wife
4. Baby O’Riley
5. Behind Blue Eyes
6. Bargain
7. Won’t Get Fooled Again
8. Magic Bus
9. The Relay
10. Pinball Wizard
11. See Me, Feel Me
12. My Generation (Cut)
Total: 70:51 Min.

Disc 2
August 25th
1. Behind Blue Eyes
2. Bargain
3. Won’t Get Fooled Again
4. Magic Bus
5. The Relay
6. Pinball Wizard
7. See Me, Feel Me
8. My Generation ~
9. Here Ain’t No Way Out ~
10. Naked Eye
11. Long Live Rock
Total: 74:04 Min.

I received both these two shows in 1999 (IIRC) from one of my then favourite trading partners, Claus R. from Denmark. Claus was one of the first to switch from analog cassette trading to DAT to protect the copy integrity by digital cloning.

Background to that was that he was trying to get the lowest gen. copies of all Danish shows of his favourite artists. Now, that’s what I call a bold challenge but he eventually became pretty good at that, and got in contact with a few very good sources, such as someone at Danish TV/Radio - and even the original taper of these two shows here.

Great Claus eventually managed to obtain straight reel-to-DAT copies from this unknown taper (whom I’d like to thank for that, and for taping these two shows, of course). Thanks also a big lot again for this trad, Claus - and many more excellent swappies. Hope you are doing OK these days, mate!

August 21, 1972 show: As far as I remember, this show had only been in circulation as pretty high generation copies before Claus sourced this 1st gen. copy, and from there it got into circulation via Claus and me. A few analog copies down the line, it of course ended up in the sticky, greedy fingers of a bootlegger who released this as “DANISH TREAT”.

Thanks to the original recording’s way above average quality that boot CD has of course and deservedly an excellent reputation among Who – not to mention the fantastic Who show itself, naturally. Too bad the end-of-show medley cuts out midway through, but with the one from the 25th, we thankfully get more than a mere replacement (see below). However, this version here is of course even a notch better, i.e. a bit less hissy.

August 25, 1972 show: copies of this had been in circulation for long, too. However, claims that those copies contained the COMPLETE 90 min. show are **FALSE!** The first four tracks on those copies stem from the August 21st show. I checked!

The taper obviously positioned himself much more favourably for the second Copenhagen show, thus producing a even superior recording than on the first night. Alas, the reel itself or the recorder didn’t run properly, this time. Hence, the first four tracks were unfortunately completely garbled, and the taper obviously decided to replace them with his first four tracks from the 1st show before he kicked his C 90 cassette copies into circulation.

There are still a few “aftermath” issues i.e. – minor - dropouts in “Behind Blue Eyes” from where the reel obviously ran smoothly, and later again in “The Relay”, whereas “Magic Bus” is also completely unlistenable. FYI, Claus actually transferred the first four tracks to his DAT, and they are indeed on my copy. However, I left them off this CD because they sound exactly like the “Totalled Bus” and wouldn’t have justified a 2nd CD for this show; I left “Magic Bus” on the CD just for completeness’ sake. Hope that’s OK.

However, the rest of this recording sounds plain OUTSTANDING! I’m even inclined to rate this the best sounding 1972 show (anyone correct me if I’m wrong, please).

Plus, that show’s “My Generation” medley is my all-time favourite. Yep, I mean it! We get to hear an impromtu nascent “However Much I Booze”, a beautiful “Naked Eye”, and “Long Live Rock”. What more can you ask for?

Well, if you think you also need to ask for probably the best “BARGAIN” ever (IMHO), it’s actually here, too: as great as the official version from the Dec. 13, 1971 San Francisco show is, they somehow finish it just as they sound as they would get into some cool jamming. In contrast, this here runs almost nine minutes(!) – by far the longest version I know of – and they really let rip with a real LONG jam and a searing Pete solo.

Any additional info on these two shows are VERY welcome.

BTW, it seems that the August 22nd, 1972 Stockholm show was officially recorded. “Magic Bus” on the official online-only release “A View From A Backstage Pass” is from this show though mislabelled as being from a 1970 Red Rocks show. Seems the Who camp has an excellent recording of this show at hand! My, that would be a release, eh? Anyone with connections to or a say within the inner Who circle, please lobby for that, OK? Thanks up front.

Download this bootleg here

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