maandag 26 maart 2018

MP3 - The Who live in New York 1969 - 1CD - October 22 - soundboard

The Who
"Accept No Substitute"
NY Fillmore East

01. Heaven And Hell (J. Entwistle)
02. I Can't Explain (P. Townshend)
03. Fortune Teller (Neville)
04. Young Man Blues (Ellison) (sic Allison)
05. Overture/It's A Boy
06. 1921
07. Amazing Journey / Sparks
08. Eyesight To The Blind / Miracle Cure
09. Summertime Blues (Cochran / Capehat) (sic Cochran / Capehart)
10. Shakin' All Over (Heath)

Venue: Fillmore East, New York, USA, Wednesday, October 22, 1969

NOTE: The back cover of this CD states "Recorded Live In San Francisco 1969", but according to the authors of The Who Concert File, the PT dialogue contained on this cd is quoted as being from the October 22, 1969 Fillmore East show. (p.94)

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