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MP3 - The Who live in Boston 1969 - 2CD - November 11

accept no substitutes
(this is the who, not the why? or the what's that?)
The Who
Roger Daltrey- vocals
Pete Townshend- guitar
John Entwistle (the Ox)- bass
Keith Moon- drums

Tea Party
Boston, Mass.
November 11, 1969
runtime: 98:57 (minutes/seconds)

1: heaven and hell 5:28
2: I can't explain 2:26
3: fortune teller 3:12
4: tattoo 3:05
5: young man blues 7:59
6: Pete talks > overture > it's a boy > 1921 10:25
7: amazing journey 3:20
8: sparks > eyesight to the blind 4:20
9: Christmas > Cousin Kevin 5:13
10: the acid queen 3:28
11: pinball wizard 2:50
12: do you think it's alright? :23
13: fiddle about 1:16
14: Tommy can you hear me? 1:00
15: there's a doctor > go to the mirror boy 3:55
16: smash the mirror 1:15
sensation (supposedly here in the set, not in recording)
17: miracle cure :13
18: Sally Simpson 4:18
19: I'm free 2:42
20: Tommy's holiday camp 1:02
21: we're not gonna take it > see me, feel me 8:37
encores: (from a different, inferior recording source)
22: summertime blues 4:28
23: shakin' all over 5:04
24: my generation 12:53

this seems to be close to the whole concert,
except apparently "sensation" is missing.
tracks 1-21 will all fit on 1 80 min. CD and come from the same source.
tracks 22-24 (the encores) come from a different source which is stereo,
but not as clear or close up sounding as the 1st source is.
both sound like audience recordings,
but the second source has alot more audience in the recording
and sounds like it was recorded with a very primitive deck and mikes.
source one comes from a CD trade and is missing all the encores.
source two comes from a dime download saved to CD.
both sources were extracted from CD and sb's were aligned
(after some retracking) in conversion to flac.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
I recieved this in a trade on CD several years ago,
and had to balance out the levels and re-track it a little.
The recording is hardly wonderful, the sound in the Tea Party
was notoriously awful, and it's a 1969 recording in there.
And it's the Who, never easy to get a nice recording of.
But it's pretty enjoyable. sounds like there aren't alot of
analog generations in the recording. some of the breaks
between songs are edited out of the 1st source recording but
most of the between song banter seems to be intact.
The first source is mono, but was recorded closer to the stage
and may be a lower gen source too.
This was fairly early "Tommy" era, some of the songs sound
a bit ragged, while other sound pretty hot.
both sources seem to be missing "sensation" and the encores
are taken from the 2nd source, missing from 1st one.
Keith's drumming sounds a little ragged in some of these songs,
he seemed a little out of it but made it through this show
(unlike 3/76 Boston Garden show)

Download this bootleg here

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