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MP3 - The Who live in Sheffield 1971 - 2CD - March 7

The Who
City (Oval) Hall

This version is an extensively reworked composite edited together from two versions of the same audience tape. A mostly fair, virtually complete audience recording that has some hiss, and is distorted in places. The originals (particularly version 2) are perhaps the worst recordings in the currently circulating body of Who shows. Version 2 of this performance has circulated in the past as "Sheffield, May 12th, 1971", which is incorrect. There was no concert anywhere on this date.

Total Length: 94mins 07sec

An interesting and well played show at the end of a two-part Spring/early Summer tour that marked the end of the "Lifehouse" period between "Tommy" and "Who's Next". Only 2 recordings from this tour have so far come to light: Liverpool (May 14th, which is incomplete), and this one; unfortunately both are poor.

The performance is excellent. Daltrey is in fine form throughout, although he makes an early entry mistake during Entwhistle's first bass run of "My Generation" that is similar to that heard on "Live At Leeds" (but edited out of the "Deluxe" release) - you would have thought he would have known this song by then! "Time is Passing" and "Too Much Of Anything" were the most subdued part of the show, but were still played pretty well, as was a long "Getting In Tune". All three were getting to the end of their live performances at this point. There were 4 more dates on this tour (which finished in Watford a couple of weeks later), but no recordings from them have surfaced. So this show is the last time TIP and TMOA were recorded live; GIT made a comeback almost 30 years later. "Pure and Easy" is one of the longest versions ever recorded of this song. The new songs are described by Daltrey and Townshend as being from a new album that was about to be released, while Townshend says they were thinking of releasing a double album--presumably, the abandoned "Lifehouse" album. Townshend introduces "Baby Don't You Do It" as a song recently revived from the 1965 Marquee shows; it's a great performance. The older songs in the second half--particularly "Naked Eye"--are characteristically strong, and the show finishes with a good performance of Won't Get Fooled Again, despite some synchronization problems with the backing tapes.

CD 1
1. Love Ain't For Keeping (2.24)
2. Pure and Easy (8.48)
3. Time Is Passing (3.42)
4. Behind Blue Eyes (4.07)
5. Getting in Tune (8.00)
6. Too Much of Anything (5.07)
7. I Don't Even Know Myself (6.00)
8. Baby Don't You Do It (8.11)

CD 2
9. Pinball Wizard (3.02)
10. See Me Feel Me (5.50)
11. Water (9.25)
12. My Generation (5.44)
13. Naked Eye (8.26)
14. Magic Bus (7.57)
15. Won't Get Fooled Again (cuts out) (7.15)

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