vrijdag 25 januari 2019

MP3 - The Who live in Los Angeles 1980 - 2CD - June 21

The Who
Saturday, June 21, 1980
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Sports Arena

Disc 1:
I Can't Explain
Baba O'Riley
My Wife
Sister Disco
Behind Blue Eyes
Music Must Change
Who Are You

Disc 2:
Pinball Wizard
My Generation
Long Live Rock
Naked Eye
See Me, Feel Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Shakin' All Over
The Relay
The Real Me

The sound starts a bit rough on here, but does clear up in the middle of the first disc. This one seems to be quite a good performance, and once it clears up is a nice listen (even if the vocals are somewhat buried here).

Download this bootleg here

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